Dec 3, 2010

el first post; warm up tag, yo.

Hola all! Well this tis not my first blog, just my newest and the one I shall use from now on as other sites are either too complicated or too simple and don't allow for much thought and writing to be put down. Ah, blogspot it is again. So to break the ice on this blog, I shall do a random question tag that I've picked up randomly from el internet. Here goes:

Let's start: ....

Ok well I didn't start because most of the tags out there are quite asinine and are kind of basic (and because... I usually start something and fail to finish, whoops!) . So I'll just go into what this blog is about:

I've no idea. But I'm gonna be posting a lot of lists, reviews, val-isms, and random crap. So stay tuned.

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